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* Are you a Flex Developer?
* Are you stuck on a problem?
* Would you like some help to solve the problem now?

This service allows you to bring Jeffry Houser into your project to help you solve the fire of the moment. It's free for the first 15 minutes (first-time callers) and US$3.99 per minute otherwise (paid by credit card provided at the start of the call). Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

To arrange a call-back immediately or make an appointment, just click the "call me" buttons below or call the 888 number and extension. The system will attempt to reach Jeffry and if available will connect you by phone.

Before proceeding, please consider these options:
Try Free Resources First

There are plenty of free sources for answers to your Flex Development questions. Google is a great way to sort through the many blog posts on Flex Development. Adobe's Flex Forums and the StackOverflow website are two alternate options.

You can also visit Jeffry at a a Flextras Friday Lunch session. The Flextras Friday Lunch is a Q&A podcast, where Jeffry will answer your questions. It happens every Friday at 1pm EST. More information can be found at the meetup group, or you can view past recordings on the Flextras Blog.

If You Want Some Personal Attention

Sometimes the free avenues don't work. You are limited by what you can say publicly. Or you'd rather have some personal attention. Jeffry can provide that. He has worked as a consultant for over ten years, has solved a problem or two of his own, and can help you solve yours.

If appropriate, Jeffry can also arrange a shared desktop session during the call where he can "look over your shoulder" via a web browser. This is accomplished using Adobe's Connect software, and there is no need on your end to give him an account in your system, nor to open any firewall holes. You may need to install an add in to share your screen, but once you do he'll see what you see, including if you need to remote into another server. Sometimes that's so much more expedient than emails, chats, or talking only by phone

When can I call?

The system knows Jeffry's schedule of availability (typically 9am-6pm, Eastern or GMT-5, Monday-Thursday). You don't need to worry about interrupting him. The system will tell you if you try to call him when he's unavailable, and you can schedule an appointment for whatever number of hours/days/weeks you're willing to wait, at which time he'll call you; or you can request (via a form presented) to set up a phone call appointment via email. Same for if he's simply unable to take the call (in a meeting, on another call). You can choose to have him reconnect with you later.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Finally, it's natural to be skeptical about paying for help. Besides the 15-minutes free offer for first-time callers, Jeffry offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If during a paid call you feel that you've not received your money's worth of help, just ask him and he'll see to it that you're credited for that call.


Jeffry Houser is an Adobe Community Professional who has worked as a IT consultant for over 10 years. He has solved a few problems and can help you solve yours.




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